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the most beautiful things in life are free...

...  and mostly even abundant.


No one (so far) would think of charging money for a sunrise or sunset. Or to charge a premium for every star one discovers in the breathtaking night sky. You can just sit down and enjoy this uniquely beautiful spectacle every day - and even if the weather restricts your view, the rhythm of life goes on.

This is the case with everything we REALLY need to LIVE:
Love, light, air, water and actually also our food. Actually, we have more today than any king of the past had. Most of us have more horsepower in the yard than we used to have in the stable, the fridge is well stocked all year round and we worry about a lot of things that could be - but usually are not. And more than ever there seems to be a lack of unconditional, authentic love in our time - instead there is an apparent abundance of fear, doubt and anger.
We are currently polluting ourselves with light, air and water, the latter is increasingly being privatised and traded as a commodity on stock exchanges - if you wonder what the consequences are, you only need to look to Australia, among other places, we all still have the images of the fires (and floods) in our minds. Soil is becoming increasingly scarce everywhere, is hardly affordable or even healthy, and food - so much for free (or healthy), unless you grow it yourself and trade it, as used to be the case. Otherwise, food is also traded on stock exchanges, it is speculated on the money and world market like all other "goods" and although there would be enough - a child still starves to death every 3 seconds in our world. Unbelievable!

Yet nature has actually thought out everything so paradisiacally perfect for us:
Let's take a melon.  No melon in the world would think of charging us extra for each seed. On the contrary. It fills us up and each seed is one more free melon. It would be like that with everything we eat until we humans came up with the idea of breeding "hybrids" that have no (fertile) offspring, introducing "club varieties" of apples, for example, that not every farmer can afford, and granting patents on seeds - thus squaring the perversion. And thus widening the gap between rich and poor and driving farmers even further into dependency.

Actually, there would be enough of everything. Enough for everyone.
But somehow, in the course of history, we humans have become increasingly greedy and power-hungry. Bartering was no longer enough. We started hoarding and became afraid that something would be taken - until today. Today, many have much more than they really need - and even more have much less than they need. We have created an imbalance and dependencies that cause unbelievable suffering and we do not realise that our "prosperity" is based on the lives (sic!) of other people and the future of our planet, which is tacitly or ignorantly ignored or simply accepted with a shrug of the shoulders.
Whoever has a lot is a lot (at least he/she thinks so) and apparently does not need to worry. Money has become a synonym for success (and a self-esteem crutch), independence and is an expression of power... and thus unfortunately also abuse.

Yet money per se is neither good nor bad,
but as a neutral medium of exchange that expresses a certain value in return. So it is actually a kind of value-appreciation, if you want to call it that.

And so back to fairnESSkultur, which is a limited liability company - and thus a company. Not only are we liable for our services, no, with this approach we also want to show that "business" can be thought of differently, in a cooperative and appreciative way. And thus: In the sense of the common good. That is why we are a member of the Gemeinwohl Ökonomie.

And yes, the fairnESSkultur is chargeable in certain areas, namely where trading or advertising is concerned. One service for another. For those who use it for business or just for their business and earn money with it (or receive it in exchange for your services, like we do). In fairnESSkultur, this concerns the sectors: Hotel industry, gastronomy, producers, trade and certifiers, as these groups use the fairnESSkultur for their advertising, offers and trade.

All other participants are free.
So all private participants, all NGOs, associations, municipalities, regions, etc. are free of charge.

In many conversations I am asked more and more often how one can make a contribution, support the path of fairnESSkultur or whether one can donate something, because one's own possibilities are free of charge as a fair consumer and one would still like to appreciate and support this. And so the idea came up to say:

YES, why not?
So if you are one of those who think our work is great and would like to support and appreciate it, you are welcome to send us a donation, support or gift money - whatever you like to call it - to the following account:

Account holder:  fairnESSkultur GmbH
IBAN:                     DE25 8309 4495 0003 3863 09
Bank:                     EthikBank
BIC:                        GENODEF1ETK

Income that we will receive from donations & gifts will be taxed "normally" as income.
If you would like to be listed below as a donor/supporter/sponsor, please simply write "YES" on the remittance slip. We will then be happy to publish this here on the website and say so in advance: