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Profile: Stefan Heckl

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Stefan Heckl
Solastraße 8
91795 Eberswang

We produce:

Feed (e.g. clover grass, etc.)

We deliver: Nein

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That's what we have to offer

In summer

depending on the crop rotation: malting barley, oats, peas, triticale peas

About us

The history of our present farm goes back more than 500 years. I took over the farm from my father and, together with my wife, have been running it since 2006 according to the guidelines of organic farming. The decision to convert to organic farming was primarily a business decision, because at that time prices were falling and it was clear that the farm would not be able to survive in the mechanisms of conventional cycles. Today we are happy to have taken the step towards organic farming and although we were trained in a different "thinking", organic farming has taught us better:
Because the yields are even higher for our flat-surface location with its many stones and increased stress levels during prolonged drought than they were in conventional farming - to which the costs for spray and fertilizer had to be added. And so organic farming pays off twice over for us: Not only through the yield on the field, but also through the development of soil life and soil fertility, especially through the cultivation of varied catch crops. This not only provides us with more nutrients during cultivation, but also binds more water and, thanks to the healthy soil structure, keeps moisture in the soil longer.

These catch crops, e.g. clover grass, benefit the hay dairy farm a few houses away, which we supply with the cuttings and which then dries the hay for its cows. In return, he then supplies us with valuable cow dung for fertilization.
Peas and triticale peas, which we also grow, we deliver as feed for organic pigs and oats goes to the organic farmer Pöttmes.


And so it is always a pleasure to sow something. To watch it grow and to know: I did that. That makes me happy and I would be happy if we could live from this passion and not just do it as a sideline. And I think it is this passion that drives you to try to produce the best quality and good yields while always keeping an eye on the soil. So that it can be preserved and built up for the next generations instead of being exploited and that the farm can still exist in 50 years and our children will enjoy it as much as we do.


Even more information:

For our own needs we have a vegetable garden and chicken farm on the farm
and manage a forest (woodland).


Since 2017 we are also a member of the EZÖB and depending on the crop rotation we deliver our malting barley to the Neumarkter Lammsbräu.