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we're sharing the same wishes...

Do you know the beautiful African proverb that says


""If many little people
in many little places
do many little things,
they will change the world.""


Well, in fairnESSkultur we believe that this is absolutely right and actually possible. And no, don't worry, this has nothing to do with naive wishful thinking... but in this case we really want to show you that we humans have the same wishes and desires in our hearts. Everywhere in the world. That you are not alone with your desires - but that we are many who together can REALLY change something ...


That we all, everywhere in the world, carry the same positive wishes and longings for ourselves, for our grandchildren and our unique blue planet, with which we want to MOVE MORE. That we all wish for a peaceful coexistence. Closeness. Tolerance. Peace. Freedom. Fairness. Eye level. That we strive for appreciation and want to meet each other in our hearts. That we want the best not only for ourselves, but also for our environment and fellow human beings. Health. Clean water. Healthy food from an intact environment and the preservation of our unique diversity - all over the world.


And now imagine if you had a wish overnight - for a better world - what is yours?


Please take a moment and write it down with your first name and place (nothing more, we want to protect your data) on one of the sheets of paper you receive in the interactive boxes at Dr. Johannes Fragner-Unterpertinger in the Gerichtsapotheke in Mals and at Thomas Eckl in the Murnauer Kaffee-Rösterei. If you make your wish there, you will receive a button to pin on as a thank you. Of course you can also leave your wish at our stand at many events, such as the Biofach or similar, where you meet us. We always have paper and pens with us (and of course brooches :-)


If the way there is too far for you, you can also send us your wish on a white paper (please in the format 21 x 21 cm) by mail, but please fold it only once, so that we can still take a picture of it and put it on the pinboard here.


From each wish we will fold a symbolic crane.And out of all the wish cranes we have folded until March 2019, we will create an art installation for the "Long Night of Change" in Murnau as a first step, and let it grow over a whole year, until we hopefully have more than 1,000 cranes together, so that the legend of a wish will be fulfilled.


Thank you for all the great wishes for a better world, let us move something good together and set a sign THAT TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE...