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life enchants you with all its wonders....

What we want to achieve with the magazine...


fairzückt! (means: raptured) is the consumer magazine for the sustainable lifestyle of the fairnESSkultur. It presents people, projects and companies who have thought and do things "differently" in their field - for the benefit of all - and with success. Their actions create added value for people & nature, (nature conservation) projects to think about, suggestions for implementation in your own everyday life, excursions, holiday tips & regions to discover or great networks to participate & support.


fairzückt! would like to awaken a desire to discover, encourage, present ideas and role models that show that things can be done differently. That everyone can make a contribution to change something and how easy it can sometimes be for each of us to support good things with small steps.


Beyond the commercial news value factors and the meanwhile spreading "what can I change on my own" mentality, fairzückt! would like to encourage to tackle & change, to consciously accentuate the beauty & uniqueness of our nature & its fragile equilibrium in a positive way and to remind of the creative power & possibilities of action of every autonomous individual in the spirit of the Enlightenment.
Because each one of us can make his or her contribution to a better tomorrow & all together we can move a lot of good things together & experience beautiful things... so let yourself be enraptured!


A few small insights into the first issue (click on the picture for a reading sample) the magazine is available in printed, German language version in the shop.


Issue N°1




Editorial N°1:

I don't know how you feel about it. But every time I see a picture of our uniquely blue planet, I am completely enraptured and I am filled with a deep feeling of moving admiration ... humility ... gratitude ... amazement at this miracle of life. I would even say that I am in love with this blue marble, and feel responsible to do my utmost to help protect and preserve this miracle for future generations. It leaves me speechless how perfectly everything is balanced in the finest cycles and equilibria as if by itself, living from and with each other. How diversely everything grows, thrives, passes away and becomes part of the cycle of life again.


And it also leaves me speechless how much we as human beings intervene in these fragile cycles to satisfy our greed for short-term profits, dumping prices and the urge for supposedly limitless growth. That is rather less enchanting. Because as you can see so clearly: This marble has a limited surface area. With limited green spaces. We cannot grow boundlessly and consume land and nature boundlessly. We should rethink as soon as possible! You are probably not reading this sentence for the first time. And probably not the last time either. But I hope that this magazine can make a small contribution to show you that it is worth making a change.


Because it is beautiful. Because it can be fun. Because there is so much to discover, marvel at and enjoy. Because we are a part of this earth - even if we like to forget this in everyday life. Because we all live here on the same planet. As part of one big earth family. And because we can all do something together every day to preserve this planet in all its beauty. It is our home. And if you look at this home from a distance, its infinite diversity has no limits. The only boundaries we usually stumble across are in our heads. In our way of evaluating things. In our way of sorting things into drawers. To adapt. And all too often we hear a "that's not how it works". Or "you can't do that".


We have become so adapted that we often lack the backbone to go our own way. But look at this ball: Where are the limits? And who says you can't do something? Or that you can only do something in a certain way? Publish a magazine?! Print is dead!!! Alone?! You won't make it! Oh, one more "right-write error" and the picture has a blue cast - incorrectly exposed! Yes. Maybe. Technically correct, I'm sure. But is that really what determines success or failure in the end? To deliver within standards and expectations? Or is it not also about the cause? About the intention to make a difference on the whole? To simply nudge the head like a marble and watch curiously in which direction it will move? To find one's own direction not on standardised paths, but on the open ground.


Because that is what this magazine and all the people presented in it are all about: People who simply do things. They don't let themselves be talked down and lose sight of the real in the norms of everyday life, but on the contrary follow their inner compass. Acting on their own responsibility. Show attitude. And create results with added value. It's all about topics that don't run around on our big marble, about ideas, approaches and projects on how we can all contribute to fair change in small steps. Because together we can make a fair change. It is time to look at the big picture and see ourselves as part of it. Because the problems we have caused on this unique blue planet are bigger than the problems we tell ourselves every day in our mental universe between our shoulders.


Or to say it with Kant: "Have the courage to use your own mind. Follow your inner compass. Just do it. It is not about doing something "right" at the first go. Just try your best. And so I wish you lots of joy and inspiration with this magazine and everything that makes you feel fair! and moves ...


                               Sina Patricia




Impressions of issue N°1: