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With the fairnESSkultur we want to create a new global awareness for food, people and the environment, bringing all the good things together in one place.


Together with YOU, we can create this change, because we are many who are getting up these days, joining forces and together we can find new ways for a better and healthy future.


In the fairnESSkultur you have different possibilities to register, depending on whether you...


... are a private consumer

... represent an NGO/ foundation

... produce  as an agronomist / producer / manufacturer / trader

... create as a gastronome

... indulge as a hotelier

... represent a region / municipality


Depending on the type of membership you have, it is either free of charge or for commercial purposes, as shown in the following graphic:



Free for private & public use

As you can see, the use of the online offer of fairnESSkultur is free for consumers, NGOs and regions in the basic profile.



For commercial users a fee is charged

There is a charge for using the online offer if you have a business. Why? Because you can use your profile as an advertisement for your business and make all your advantages transparent for the consumer. You can post current events, present pictures or videos, you can search yourself and of course you will be found, etc.

On our "market place" you can tell everything important about your company with your profile page. And of course, what your products contain, how much work, how much knowledge and how much skill. Or where the ingredients come from or to whom you deliver. You can tell in words and pictures what makes your products so special and what is important to you. Because the more you tell about yourself, the more your customers understand what a fair price-performance ratio is: a balance between cost/value added, time, quality and price. And, of course, the transparency that shows what's in it and makes your offer so VALUABLE.



For the commercial use of your fairnESSkultur profile you have the following possibilities:




Criteria for registration:


If you want to be a private part of the fairnESSkultur and create a profile as a consumer, there are no admission criteria. We simply assume that you are an incorrigible and unwavering do-gooder and follow your heart in search.


As producer & manufacturer:

If your company is certified organic, you currently meet all criteria, you can register with the "Join" button and get started.

However, as we are currently in the process of converting to organic (and therefore also support companies in the conversion to organic) and the site has been expanded to include regions or companies where communities are still working on certification, we ask for your understanding that we will check the respective registrations in advance if you want to register without certification. After all, our declared goal is to promote 100% organic farming. You can create a "log-in" in advance, enter your information and, after checking and approval, you will be given the opportunity to participate.

As gastronomes & hoteliers:

If you have already followed an organic certification here, you have already fulfilled all criteria, you can register with the "Join" button, enter your data and get started


If you don't have a certification, we ask you to provide additional proof of your partners and suppliers.


General information for producers, manufacturers, restaurateurs & hoteliers:

The fairnESSkultur is based on the categorical imperative, i.e. "Act only according to the maxim, by which you can at the same time want it to become a general law. Or, as the vernacular puts it in simple terms, when it says: "What you do not want done to you, do not do to others".


So don't add anything to your products or animal feed that you don't want on your plate later on or that is being cleared for the rainforest that is valuable elsewhere in the world (e.g. soya, palm oil, etc.).
Only use ingredients for cooking that you treat yourself to - fresh and of the best quality. Bed your guests the way you want them to sleep - clean and fresh. Or in short: No "mishaps", no "mishaps" and no "eyewash" - but as you would want it yourself - if you had to pay the same price.

Be honest. Be fair. Be attentive and appreciate what others do for you. Be they suppliers, customers, guests and of course your most valuable "capital" and your best advertisement: your employees.