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Each of us can change directions...

Join in...

And change the world - a little bit every day!
We all want a healthy environment, unspoilt nature and a peaceful, happy, satisfying and as carefree a life as possible. We are all autonomous individuals, we all have the power to shape our own lives and take personal responsibility. It is therefore up to us to take responsibility for our actions and make things better.

On this page we want to give you projects and initiatives that you can support directly, for example with...



... a soil sponsorship

As a soil sponsor you take over the fair responsibility for about 2,500m² of soil.
This is the area that you yourself need per year for a healthy diet.

You also improve ...
... the climate and the CO2 storage of the soil,
... support the work of the organic farmers of the Soil Fertility Fund.
... and ensure that future generations can grow crops on healthy soil.

To become a soil sponsor, simply print out the PDF below, fill it in
and send it to the Soil Fertility Fund Dornachwe 14 / CH - 4144 Arlesheim.

Thank you very much!

... a shareT (=Tshirt to share).


With every purchase of shareTs we donate 50% of the profit directly to the respective project, so you actively support a project with every purchase - and look really good doing it!

"FREE" is our first shareT collection and stands for so many things that are important to us. First and foremost, freedom and diversity. Especially in these days, when you get the feeling that the world is upside down and we are losing not only flora and fauna but also our most basic and important achievements - freedom... democracy... diversity... tolerance... respect... respect... and our fair response. Therefore, it was not difficult to choose our first project, which in a figurative sense forms a beautiful metaphor for so many things.

With "FREE" we want to support the great work of Mr. Aigner, who takes care of wild birds in his spare time.

You can find more current shareT collections and their projects in our SHOP.