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Your good work preserves our health - and nature's.

Thank you for producing HEALTHY FOOD for us!

And we are happy to pay you a fair price for your hard work. Because even if the cows are no longer milked by hand but with a milking machine, the hay is usually no longer turned by hand but with a rotary harvester, or the field is now cultivated with 70-300 hp on 4 tyres instead of with a hand plough and 1 hp (horsepower) - all these activities, despite technical achievements, still remain one thing: hard work in the rhythm of nature. And that 365 days a year, in all weathers!

No matter if it is Sunday or a public holiday, cows/sheep/goats have to be milked and the fruits have to be harvested...

No matter if it's a birthday or a wedding day, someone has to bring in the chickens and feed them. It doesn't matter if you have a barbecue with the neighbours, the hay has to go in before the thunderstorm - hopefully the baler won't get stuck again...
Because no matter whether you are an agronomist or a producer: your daily rhythm depends on the rhythm of nature - whether it is the animals in the barn, the weather and the time of harvest in the field or the fresh processing afterwards, which has to be coordinated and the use of machines and employees has to be planned - so that the supplies on the shelf are not missing.

We know how hard you work and keep the production going - even when others have long since finished work, are still asleep or enjoying a weekend off. We appreciate your milk, which we pour into our morning cappuccino while YOU are already diligently providing supplies again. We rejoice in the cool liquid gold you brew from hops and the surprising flavours you develop in the wine barrel. We thank you for your craft, which matures nourishing, fresh bread dough instead of just baking frozen goods, and we thank you for all your effort, knowing that the berries in the jam don't go into the jar or the fruit box by themselves. And above all, we thank you as an organic farmer for contributing so much added value to healthy soil, healthy water and healthy biodiversity!

We are happy to pay a fair price for all the effort, risks, craftsmanship and time you invest in ensuring that we have healthy LIFE food on our plates. Because we appreciate and understand you. Because here in your fairnESSprofil and at your place we can personally see what you really do and trust you - and therefore we enjoy not only more taste but also the nice feeling of our togetherness.


Your personal advantages as a fairnESSkultur producer at a glance:

- Presentation of your business on your personal profile (texts & pictures) incl. maps & link to your homepage.

- Direct networking opportunities with your customers, buyers, processors & suppliers

- Publish current recommendations & offers (advertising on your profile)

- Announce current dates & promotion weeks (advertising on your profile)

- Promote recipes & product recommendations

- Offers & recommendations for your network (personal for your customers & business partners)

- Origin & supply chain transparency with your partner network on fairnESSkultur

- Search & find new suppliers & products (regional & global)

- Trade directly with suppliers & partners* and/or have what you are looking for delivered**.

- React ad hoc to the weather or promote seasonal freshness offers to customers*.
   (Personal for your customers & business partners)

- Cross-link & promote your other profiles (= be found better)

- Networking with regions, municipalities, NGOs, partners etc. to increase your profile

- Image gain & of course fair prices through transparent origin & supply chains:
   Everyone can see the work you do, how the soil on your field or your employees in the processing are doing and can get a personal picture of all your added values for people and the environment.

- Networking with other growers, producers & interest groups to jointly stand up for concerns and interests, to exchange ideas and to learn from each other.

- All profiles and functions are available in multiple languages. This way you can also make your suppliers and intermediate processors or traders transparent and offer EVERY human being and the respective conditions for the environment a face and a story full of added value at every point in the creation of your product - each in their own language and all visible in your profile!




Your requirements as a fairnESSkultur producer:

In order to become a member of the fairnESSkultur as a producer, we ask you to provide proof that you are a certified organic farm or a farm in the process of conversion to organic farming. You will find upload options in the registration form.
In your profile, you can also list everything you do in the area of soil improvement, water protection, etc., that you pay fair wages and how your concept for waste reduction or sustainable energy, for example, makes you so special.