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Shared moments are twice as beautiful...



Bodentag 2020 -  also online a complete success!

The Interessengemeinschaft gesunder Boden is organising the international Soil Day 2020 as a webinar for the first time.
Healthy Soil: From humus formation for better soil functions and soil fertility to virus protection.


This year, the International Soil Day was held as a webinar for the first time.

At the end of November, the Interessengemeinschaft gesunder Boden e. V. (Interest Group for Healthy Soil) invited to the 5th International Soil Day, and around 500 participants took part again.

This year, interest in our largest event, which is now established throughout Germany and neighbouring countries, was again very high. This confirms, apart from the constant growth in membership, the importance and topicality of the topics for agriculture and society as a whole, emphasises Franz Rösl, 1st Chairman of IG Boden.

This year's speakers* were:

Simon Zeitler, Dr. Gernot Bodner (BOKU Vienna), Prof. em. Dr. Monika Krüger (Univers. Leipzig). The exact daily programme can be downloaded HERE (document only available in German)

The organisation team of the ground day thanked the speakers for their active participation and for the interesting and competent questions of the participants to the speakers after the lectures and in the context of the panel discussion.







One more congratulations!

To the awarding of the EURONATURE PRIZE 2020, which this year went to South Tyrol to our partners of the Malser Weg!
At this point the best congratulations and continue "Do not give up

To be seen on the picture:
From left to right: Johannes Fragner-Unterpertinger, Martina Hellrigl, Margit Gasser, Beatrice Raas.
(Picture: Gerald Jarausch)





Congratulations to the Swiss Bio-Foundation on the publication "Das Gift & Wir


Mathias Forster and Christopher Schümann from the Bio-Foundation Switzerland have done it and the book "DAS GIFT & WIR - wie der Tod über die Äcker kam und wie wir das Leben zurück bringen können" is now available by mail to info [at] bio-stiftung.ch.


Renate Künast, former German Minister of Agriculture, wrote about this incredible work, to which the most renowned experts have contributed chapters on pesticides:
"This book has the explosive power of Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring' and is a milestone for the end of the pesticide age".

For the first time, this book sheds light on the origin and history, problems and challenges of synthetic pesticides, as well as examples of best practice, correct calculation, thoughts and transformation and exit possibilities from the unspeakable age of pesticides.


Book orders, further information on this topic, the authors and further links can be found here: dasgiftundwir.ch