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Dear organic hotels, dear organic gastronomes, dear organic cafés

To help you through this difficult time, we are GIVING you 1 whole year of Premium Membership for free!

This is our contribution to your "lost year".
We want to support you to stay in touch with your guests and to strengthen and expand your organic supplier network.

We are aware that the empty tables and cold beds from last year cannot simply be "made up for" or "doubled up" in the coming year. And none of us knows if, how or for how long we will be "allowed" to visit you again in the coming months.

But what we do know for sure:
If we stick together and network, we will make our way out of this madness together!






Best of "News" (extract from the archive):




That this year's BIOFACH would be quite a challenge online, I already suspected when registering - but unlike the food manufacturers, I did not have the problem that you can not sample the offers online - on the contrary. And if one is already in the online area and the motto "Stronger Together" just seemed to fit the concerns of fairnESSkultur, it was clear to go along with this challenge of an online fair.

Nevertheless, I was amazed when shortly before the start of the fair I received a request to present the idea of fairnESSkultur to BMin Julia Klöckner - and then the request for Renate Künast followed. These were exciting moments to address the most important issues in a nutshell and, above all, to emphasize the urgency once again. Thanks to the BÖLW, which summarized here briefly and aptly with its Twitter post (see image below).

Translation of the tweet:
"We have a patient, his name is Earth. We need to look at how we can work together to ensure #climate & #speciesdiversity are protected & our resources are kept healthy. We should work together on this & each make our own contribution." #BIOFACH


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The reforestation project for our membership trees in Ecuador starts.
You will find more information about the project on our "Forest" - page




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Zu Gast bei Feuerlein kocht wertvoll, Foto mit freundlicher Genehmigung von  Udo Dilger

FEUERLEIN KOCHT WERTVOLL - was the motto with which Helmut Feuerlein dedicates himself to his culinary art. Sina Patricia was able to experience that not only valuable ingredients are on his list of ingredients, but also that valuable conversations are held while cooking together in his show. With a lot of heart and soul, know-how and a good portion of fun, the two of them presented their curd cheese "nonsense" in the best possible way, naturally also with valuable ingredients from the fairness producers



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Immersed in the world of coffee:

Mit unserer Erlebnisreihe „entdecken & genießen“ laden wir von Zeit zu Zeit zu besonderen fairAnstaltungen ein. Die kostenlose Teilnahme ist exklusiv für eingetragene Mitglieder & Verbraucher, die Teilnehmerzahl ist jeweils begrenzt. Neue Genuss-Termine findest Du je nach Planungsstand unter "Aktuelles".