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Not anytime. It's here and now. And it's up to you! Because only you decide every day anew,


WHAT you want to eat.
WHERE you go shopping.
Where you go to eat.
HOW you plan your leisure/holidays.


With you we want to "revolutionize" everyday life a little bit and make our world a little bit better every day. Whether in the region on your doorstep or in the region we travel to - personally or culinary - we want the best for you and all those who give their best for you there:


With a culture for more togetherness.
More fairness.
More value appreciation.
More tolerance.
More (life) quality.
For a full stomach AND a full heart.


This is how the fairnESSkultur works:





www.fairnesskultur.de is a meta network for enjoyable & shared offline moments. Here you can find products, producers, farm shops, restaurateurs, cafés or hotels with & without "Bapperl" (i.e. certifications) or just jam or honey from the neighbor from the finest home-production. You can see who gets what from whom, what is in it or where what comes from - transparent and comprehensible.

You can search for accommodation on site or for your next holiday, from organic, golf or wellness hotels to farms, and find out immediately which producers from the respective region supply your breakfast egg. Because TRANSPARENCY is also very important for the fairnESShotels.

This also applies to the fairnESSwirts, who will tell you on our platform where the delicious cheese comes from, from which producer the steak was out to pasture or from which winegrower you can discover, taste and purchase other treasures in the cellar.


The fairnESSkultur is an authentic attitude to life. The slogan "Discover & enjoy the We bei Dir" does not only refer to the regional and material advantages when searching online for a full stomach or a warm bed in the region. It also refers to the commonality and fair responsibility of the individual for the region and the community, for nature and man.

For a right measure of give and take. The feeling of esteem and more mutual fairness and fair trust through the transparency of origin & production.

And that also means: Because I can see how much work and time is invested in good quality, I am happy to pay a fair price. And vice versa: Because I know that you also work hard for your money, I am honest with you and try to achieve good quality for you.

This ensures livelihoods, brings quality of life and enriches the region. Here and today. And also tomorrow. It enables more sustainable management, careful use of resources, more species-appropriate husbandry and healthy living space.

For you and for me.


What is the fairnESSkultur?



The fairnESSkultur stands for a way of life or the attitude of a fair, empathic and mindful thinking & acting in cooperation. We see ourselves as an interface between fair consumers, producers, hotels and restaurateurs, because we should all share responsibility for our actions and sustainable food production and processing.
Understanding. Trust. Change.

The name already contains the areas that define the fairnESSkultur brand:



Under the leitmotif "Imagine life is fair", a fair change is to be achieved - freely in accordance with the categorical imperative - through mutual fairness. Placing oneself in the shoes of the other person, understanding needs, interdependencies and effects and becoming aware of the consequences of one's own actions is a basic attitude of the fairness culture. It is therefore NOT a "you get what you give" principle,
because such thinking would forget the weak, the needy, the youngest and the oldest - that is not how a healthy society works for us. It is also not about alms or honorable gestures that belittle the other person in favor of the ego in self-esteem. For us, fair in the fairness culture is more a "what you don't want people to do to you", learning with and from each other, growing and developing together at eye level, where everyone tries their best - whereby learning from mistakes and from each other is a sincere component and everyone is interested in finding the best solution for an optimal result. It is about appreciation, attentiveness and mutual respect, which understands humans as part of nature and part of a global earth family. We want to promote a grand-friendly, authentic and caring way of acting, with fun in discovering, protecting and enjoying. Members of the fairnESSkultur stand for this attitude and act accordingly.



This second syllable (the second part of the word fairnESSkultur) is always written in capital letters: Because all life lives from food or food. In the fairnESSkultur we understand eating as a living society and active environmental and climate protection. We are convinced that we can "fairchange" a lot with our demand, therefore we focus on a sustainable and transparent food basis. Under the slogan "Discover and enjoy the We bei Dir" we want to arouse interest in fundamental questions of our nutrition: Where does our food come from? What is in it? Who produced it, how did it come about, and under what conditions was it produced or cultivated? Who are the ingredients, feed or raw materials from? How and where were they grown or kept? With what effects on soil and environment? How are the people there? Or simply: Where can I buy what, who can I meet there and what can I experience there?

In the fairnESSkultur, this transparency in origin is the basis for trust and a framework for the design of healthy soils, healthy animals, healthy food and healthy people, transparency in the supply chains, their production, processing and thus of course quality. And of course this idea is also about the preservation of natural diversity, varieties and breeds. We want to support honest products, authentic and natural taste experiences and, of course, a fair treatment of people & nature.



In combination of the two syllables mentioned above, fairnESS is of course primarily about appreciative cooperation, fair prices for our food and fair conditions for our environment. With this we want to do justice to our fair response to each other as well as to create free space for new impulses for a primarily sustainable, respectful management and care instead of economically driven re-action. The same applies, of course, to fair prices and wages in the hotel and catering trade. Because at the end of the day, what we are talking about is valuable life time that someone uses for his efforts for an honest, sustainable food or animals that give their lives for ours. A fair payment not only secures livelihoods and high-quality, healthy and nutritious food, but also enables the business to operate in compatible sizes and species-appropriate conditions. In this way, small-scale farming structures and ecologically sustainable action - which respects cycles and interdependencies and conserves resources - can be maintained. Fundamental topics such as water, nature and climate are an important part of the interdependent thinking and acting in the fairnESSkultur. After all, every foodstuff is home and habitat (flora, fauna, habitats) - connected with everything - and the basis of life for all of us and the basis of a future fit for grandchildren. We all live on and from the same earth, in the same cycles.



For us, a way of life of respectful, appreciative and tolerant cooperation also includes our cultural and social development. Breaking bread or fasting together, sharing meals together or celebrating their preparation - rooted in many cultures for thousands of years. People have always enjoyed eating, enjoying and being together. Food is culture. We do not mean here the Knigge's rules - no. Food is an expression of every culture and region. How would our culture have developed without the domestication of the cow? Or the cultivation of agriculture? The culture of conversation and debate at meals or tea parties, or even their preparation? And how exciting was the way to bring taste and enjoyment to the kitchens of the world through seasoning and different ways of preparation? Anatomically and chemically, animals and plants are probably similar worldwide. But the HOW of preparation, seasoning or combination of ingredients is culturally exciting, lively, different. And so it was spices that, like many other things, first paved the way to other cultures, opened doors and along the trade routes brought prosperity to cultures in all the rulers' countries.
And even today, it is still exciting to experience the customs and culinary delights of other countries, to look into other cooking pots and see how completely new worlds of taste & preparation methods are opened up elsewhere from similar food bases. To enjoy, discover and preserve this diversity is a concern of fairnESSkultur, which we also see as a key to peace and tolerant cooperation at eye level. But also in our responsibility to respect the soils and resources of others and not to exploit them for our benefit.



How are we going to achieve this?

Well, for one thing...
we want to show this diversity and transparency in our online network. Here our commercial members - producers, restaurateurs and hoteliers - can introduce themselves, disclose their working methods and sources of supply and connect with each other. In this way, origin and supply routes become transparent. In addition, everyone can find the producers or restaurateurs in their region or find a hotel for their next holiday or information about the region to which they would like to travel.


On the other hand...
we want to inform offline, for example with our magazine fairzückt! or at our fairnESSkultur events we want to offer possibilities to discover, taste and enjoy more about certain topics.

In addition, we support environmental and climate protection projects and are networked with exciting organisations, associations and initiatives that offer many more opportunities for information and participation.

What makes the fairnESSkultur so different?

We are a supra-regional network that can globally integrate & promote regional initiatives & networks.


We maintain cooperation with established BIOLables, regional initiatives, food producers and individual companies.


We stand for transparent links with disclosure of supply chains, production and supply partners.


The fairnESSkultur is absolutely independent, a private initiative without subsidies, donations or other grants from interest groups or lobbyists.


We are concerned with an attitude, a new awareness. We want to create understanding through transparency, strengthen trust and appreciation of quality and jointly take on social responsibility in our actions. For a peaceful coexistence, an intact environment and sustainable climate protection - as a PART of this fragile, unique and fascinating planet EARTH.